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Video didn't kill the Radio Star

Two decades ago I started my career in broadcast journalism. I fell in love with the sights and sounds of TV journalism.

The adrenaline of the newsroom had me hooked. Covering the launch of a solar plant in the morning, breaking market news in the afternoon, staying back to prep for the following day's story while watching news of the day unfold around me. No two days were the same. The thrill of a clever UPSOT combined with the right visuals... goosebumps.

Although I had dabbled in radio as a multi platform reporter (We packaged our TV stories for print, radio and online to our sister station and publications), I didn't expect to reenter the media industry in a radio broadcast setting.

In 2020, I met the Programme Director for Money FM 89.3 for a coffee, and was invited to join the station. The journey that followed was, to say the least, unexpected. I fell hook, line, and sinker for radio. LIVE Radio.

The beauty of radio and what sets it apart is the personable aspect. Unlike the TV newsroom setting I had been accustomed to, here, the interview flow is conversational, the listener is your friend, and you connect and engage.

This perhaps, is why podcasts have become so popular?

BUT, where news and talk radio stands out is it stands at the bridge of those worlds. Delivering clever conversation, and bringing the listener along on the host's journey to discover and discuss relevant topics and at the same time being the instant breaking news port of call.

Radio taught me many things, but most importantly it taught me to listen, to relax, and provided me with a daily reminder to be authentic. Because in live radio anything can and will happen.

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