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CDL-Singapore Press Club Sustainability Journalism Award

I am truely humbled to receive the Singapore Press Club CDL Sustainability Journalism Award. Those of you that know me know how passionate I am about the power of finance to make a difference - YES we can couple profits with purpose.

I’m especially grateful to my bosses Loretta Lopez , Hong Huat Sim and Ignatius Low for giving me the opportunity to work on Eco Money and allow me the flexibility to continue as life changes took hold.

Esther An - thank you for always shining a light on sustainability here in Singapore and charting the way for listed and non listed companies. 🌱

I was unable to attend the ceremony as I’m in Scotland. Sent in this one minute video message:

“Hi everyone, I’m sorry I can’t be there in person! First of all I would like to thank the Singapore press club and it’s partners for this honor and for recognizing the importance of sustainability journalism. I remember when I first started a sustainability show in 2009 - almost 15 years ago - an editor once told me “nobody really cares about this fluffy stuff”. How wrong they were - and thank you all for caring! Thank you to my wonderful Money FM 89.3 family Loretta, Huat, and Ignatius for always being so supportive and giving me a platform to do what I love. Thank you to my children, you inspire me everyday to want to make the world a better place. And most of all - thank you to all of you for choosing to make a difference with your actions. It’s not just about climate and sustainability, it’s about humanity, and doing the right thing”

Special mention to Curtis S. Chin for always being so gracious with your time and ideas - Eco Money: Preserving tradition and weaving sustainability into business is still one of my favourite episodes.

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