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Hello UAE!

So, after two decades working in Asia, the kids and I have uprooted and moved to Dubai.

What can I say other than I'm completely elated to have the opportunity to be based where the COP28 talks will be taking place.

I'm not going to lie, the move has been an adjustment, and I've learned many "Dubai Life Lessons". BUT, what excites me (other than COP), is the sheer opportunity that you can feel buzzing in the air here. From the infrastructure development, to the international community, to the business friendly zones such as Dubai Media City.

The first thing that struck me landing in Dubai is the sheer scale of everything, from malls with ski slopes and aquariums, to eight lane highways! I felt like a small fish in a very big pond.

You know, coming from Singapore, we pride ourselves in being international - but with expatriates making up the majority of the population here, and nationals from over 200 counties resident in Dubai.. THIS IS INTERNATIONAL.

I'm truly grateful to those in the industry who have taken the time to catch up for a coffee and share with me their battle stories and provided me with a lay of the land.

TO my friends in Asia, it's not completely DuBye for now. You can still catch me on Money Fm 89.3 every Wednesday at 1.15pm for Eco Money.

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